It has become an alarming issue when the seniors called for the legalization of one of the most prohibited pot. The issue has woken up scientists and medical professionals to take part in carrying out an immediate research that is not yet concluded. What does people at the age of 55 and above realized in cannabis?

In those days when there was no medicine, no tablet and no oral dose; people in those centuries still got sick the same like today, and they had their own ways of treating themselves, and they lived a healthier and long life than this twenty first century. Today, the world has the most sophisticated equipment to deal with any disease ever existed in history of human being, but still the elder people are going back to where they had come from. The following purpose may be their reason for returning to cannabis edible.


The Ease of Consumption

The consumption of cannabis edible is simple and easy compared to other forms of consuming drug such smoking. it can be eaten, applied to the body as cream or even mixed with food. This methods of consumption are easier and safer than smoking the weeds, which will have a long term effect on the lungs.


It Is Harmless

Cannabis contain tetrahydrocannabis, which when smoked, can cause lung cancer. when it is taken in other forms, it allows the person to feel and experience its effect without creating potential harm like when smoked. the person feels relaxed, pleasure, and free from all forms of stress and depressions. all this pleasures are enjoyed without any danger associated with the individual health.


Medicinal Benefit

Cannabis contain cannabidiol that has a hemp is useful in handling medical conditions including seizures and pain.


Home Made

Since the drug can be self-prepared, it is trusted by many users and they tend to be completely confidence with its little or more of its side effect. Human being are natural, and they like what they create for themselves. Since drugs that are manufactured by companies can contain chemical ingredients, that are considered permanently addictive and harmful, seniors are preferring homemade drugs that can serve a better purpose than pharmaceutical is simple and easy to prepare cannabis edible and less expensive.


Recreational Use

Human being want to enjoy and always need to entertain themselves. Most people normally take alcohol over the weekends to make their mind relaxed and is becoming clear that the effect of alcohol is huge and drastic compared to cannabis edible, which can be easily ingested into the make the person feel relaxed, enjoy recreational activities and feel extremely confidence and happy. This necessity is responsible for why mostly the older people, who are more experienced are really opting for cannabis

Alternative Options for People with Chronic Diseases

Majority of cannabis consumer are people with chronic and diabetes conditions. These diseases have been increasingly reported over the years within the aged people. The common drugs that are chemically manufactures has fail to control the increased cases of such condition, therefore, people have turned into cannabis to solve their underlying issues in their own ways. With such large numbers of retired people using cannabis, is a clear indication that, it worked for them and they are enjoying.


In conclusion, with such large number of the society embracing the use of cannabis edible, governments, in cooperation with international institution such as The World Health Organization, there is need to address proper use of the pot, and impose a proper regulation measures that can help to reduce the effect of cannabis.

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